• Anti-oppression work:It is important to be in partnerships of accountability with BIPOC and LGBTQI+ communities. It is important to create space for marginalized communities to find their place within the church and to listen/honor their experiences. I continually learn more and more about myself and this work every day through listening and engaging. I hope to model this to any congregation I serve as well as journey with them in that learning. 
  • Social justice / social action:In order for social justice/social action to be sustainable, those who participate in it need to be grounded in their values and beliefs. If that grounding is not present then it will be easy to give it up or not engage at all. This work is vital to who we are as Unitarian Universalists and continues to push us in living into our best versions of ourselves. This is active, reflective, and active work. We need to ensure we are acting, reflect on our actions to learn what we could do differently, and then act with the new understanding we have gained in our reflection. 
  • Interfaith / community work:The work and values of Unitarian Universalism does not stay within the congregations walls. We cannot do this work alone. We need partners, faith leaders, and community organizations that can help us create change. 

    One of the interfaith efforts we at Cascade UU was to partner with two other churches in the area to have community civil conversations. This helped us build a way for us to communicate in our community despite our differences. 



    • Co-founded Spectrum (LGBTQI+ support group), which developed into Wenatchee PRIDE; worked as an ally in promoting education, collaboration, and response to the local community.
    • Invited Speaker/Educator at the following events: PRIDE, Immigrant Rights, Women’s March, Stand Up Against Racism, LGBTQI+ awareness, and community vigils.
    • Led activation of Faith groups in Rapid Response effort for undocumented immigrants; accompanied people to ICE check-ins
    • Led local clergy group in writing letters to the paper in support of marriage equality and immigrant rights.
    • Participated and led anti-racism/anti-oppression workshops such as “Building Bridges of Understanding” and “Mirrors of Privilege”.
    • Attended Revolutionary Love Conference in New York City in 2017.
    • Collaborated with local clergy to create a community-wide “Civil Conversations” education program.
    • Participated in “Faith Floods the Desert” in Arizona in August 2018
    • Led congregational book/documentary/discussion groups as well as worship focused on anti-racism/anti-oppression themes.
    • Trained in Our Whole Lives, comprehensive sexuality curriculum, K-Adult