Unitarian Universalist gave me the gift of being able to start to define and recognize God in my life. It exposed me to different religious ideas to understand there were multiple ways to encounter God. It created opportunities for me to explore different practices to deepen my understanding. It brought me to the power of Love and how it is at the foundation of God.

However, it was not until I started studying Process Theology that I truly resonated and defined God in my life. Process Theology provided the richness I craved to define God. I fully believe we are co-creators with God in this world and we are lured to create more love, beauty, justice, and compassion. We are able to be fully human in this relationship, because God does not give up on us when we don’t answer the lure, instead God offers another opportunity. This is where I have been able to find hope and preach it to others. This is where I have been able to find compassion and offer it to myself and others. This is where I have found answers to brokenness and ways to heal. It does not turn away from the hardships or violence, instead, it invites us to witness, to experience, and to grow in our ability to continue to love. 

My theology allows me to meet each person where they are and experience them for who they are as well as what they believe. It provides a way to journey with people and empower them and/or be present for them.